Falcon 9 Rocket CHANDELIER


Designed by Humans

Built by Robots

Inspired by SpaceX 


Let’s light this candle

When you own a fleet of giant composite extrusion 3d printers and love space like we do, stuff like this happens. 

If you’re like me, you did it countless times as a kid.  You looked at the shroud on a lamp and your imagination went racing.  A quick countdown, a flick of a light switch, and you were launched into deep space.  Now you can take your daydreams to the next level with our Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier.

Are those what I think they are?

You can imagine your friends’ joy at an impressive (and surprisingly stylish) array of dimensionally-accurate rocket nozzles beaming down on them, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Once they are hooked, you can tell them about the unique material properties of our nozzles. 

Materials and manufacturing on the bleeding edge

Yes, in a first for the world of interior décor, your nozzles will be printed in your choice of two fiber-reinforced plastics.

Option 1 is glass-reinforced polycarbonate.  A flexural yield of 201MPa and a Young’s Modulus of 17GPa give these nozzles a nice, rich gong sound when struck.

Option 2 is carbon fiber-reinforced PPS.  This is the highest-strength 3D printed plastic composite ever developed.  Amazingly, the tone of this nozzle could almost be mistaken for a bell, thanks to its extremely high modulus and strength.  Hearing this sound come from a plastic piece never gets old.

Don’t miss the countdown

If you have the taste to appreciate a fixture this unique, get your order in soon.  Our facility can manufacture 25 sets per month, and the first batch will ship approximately 6 weeks after order.  As with any aerospace operation, safety and quality are paramount, so be aware that shipping date could slip to ensure that you receive a chandelier capable of repeated launch-and-recovery cycles.