Falcon 9 Rocket CHANDELIER

Designed by Humans

Built by Robots

Inspired by SpaceX 


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Ship dates will be based on order #. We can manufacturing approximate 25 sets per month right now. First batch will ship approximately 6 weeks after order. As most of you are probably familiar with, we may slip the schedule to the right to ensure assembly and launch goes off without a hitch. Hopefully our schedule will be faster than the Heavy launch date! 


There is probably an OSHA violation somewhere in here somewhere. 


The material used is the strongest thermoplastic yet to be 3d printed. A Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) combined with 50% carbon fiber by weight. It rings like a bell when struck. Because we're engineers, we like number.

Flexural Modulus = 39GPa

Flexural Strength = 343 MPa